fake website
Be aware this is scammers website from Italy – we are not responsible for the products purchased from this website . Also can check products/ pictures that they have , they are not Real !!!A fake Italy guy try to use our decade old company, name please look at the register date of his new scammer website everybody know that dragon pharma isn’t few months old.(can see on picture)

They claim that they are the real deal but only have 1 supplier in Italy and sell through telegram which is a encrypted message app.

Here it is another email where he is saying that they only sell bulk from their fake official site for 5000 euros and their only supplier is through a Italy telegram supplier which is probably himself (can see on picture).

We will still come with more news in short time.

Thank you

Here is some other pictures that shows that their website is a fake (original Dragon Pharma never had such packs for tabs/orals).