Official Announcement from Dragon-Pharma team

As you guys know for a couple of years back Dragon-Pharma was being counterfeited by an factory we used to do our production at.  The reason for we ended our production at this scammer factory/people was because they're factory was selling Fentanyl openly and were really large about this, this was back when in China it was legal. We as Dragon-Pharma team told them SPECIFICALLY that we are AGAINST any form of DANGEROUS DRUGS and told them we will end the work we had together. We do not want to have our products being kept in same place as this drug selling people that kill thousand of peoples live.
Once we ended our production and shipper at those scammers they didnt want to give us back our products. They stole our products, raws and different materials as vials and pouches and blocked us on every social platform you can think, and hit a big loss of products/money.
Surprisingly once we leaved this factory we found out an another guy that control 3 brands has his brands produced at the same factory despite he is selling fentanyl openly. That guy is also in the list of selling fake Dragon-Pharma products under different names. Therefor please make sure to get verified your dropshipper at our verification section at our website.

After quitting these scammers we decided to find some new manufacturer that are more reliable and more professionally than ever. Dragon-Pharma is now producing the products in a highly medicinal technical factory that go through each step of verification of the ingredients, raws and dosages. Each step has its own verification of everything that is used to produce our products.
We as Dragon-Pharma are strictly against any form of DRUGS and have 0 tolerance with it.
You guys can without any hesitation order from us and our verified resellers of our brand.

Check your Supplier

Dragon Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Procurement Company. Products are made to our specifications and within our quality control guidelines. Products are independently quality-tested by Dragon Pharma before release.Please input your supplier's email or website address (example and click check to see if your supplier is on our approved list.
*This is only for internet sales*